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Mecsér Község

Mecsér Község

Cím: 9176 Mecsér, Fő u. 1.
Telefon / Fax: +36/96/216-512

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This module provides search using the Smart Search component. You should only use it if you have indexed your content and either have enabled the Smart Search content plugin or are keeping the index of your site updated manually. Help.

The syndicate module will display a link that allows users to take a feed from your site. It will only display on pages for which feeds are possible. That means it will not display on single article, contact or weblinks pages, such as this one. Help

This module displays a random image from your chosen image directory. Help

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This module allows the displaying of a syndicated feed. Help

Nem adta meg a hírcsatorna URL-címét.

This module allows you to create your own HTML Module using a WYSIWYG editor. Help

Displays a set number of articles from a category based on date or random selection. Help

This module shows a list of the most recently published and current Articles. Some that are shown may have expired even though they are the most recent. Help

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